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10, August 2016

Dapper & The Contrast

If there's one thing that he's noticed, is that contrast between the old and new buildings is always present. Cities seem to be in a constant architectural civil war. He was on the hunt for a new office space and what better way to get a feel, than to go out and walk around the city. Luckily in this part of town, there where no areas [ read more ... ]


24, July 2016

Dapper & The Street Art

There are some Sundays during the summer when you wish the weather would be perfect. Not too hot, glorious sunshine, and a gentle cooling breeze. As he sat on the balcony on this particular Sunday, after a gloomy morning, the heavens opened and his prayers were answered. When walking a new route the other evening, he came across a [ read more ... ]


09, July 2016

Dapper & The Vinyl Revival

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a strong ryhme to step to..." The famous words of one of his favourite rappers from one of his favourite songs, I Know You Got Soul by Rakim circa 1987. It indeed was a long time. A long time since vinyl records had passed through his fingers. With all the advancements [ read more ... ]