12, April 2017

Dapper & The Candles For Men

Scent is a very powerful thing. The right smell can evoke strong memories, boost energy, relax the body and mind, help heal the body amoungst many other things. It's probably one of the reasons that scented candles are so popular. As a candle lover himself, he found it frustating to find candles which suited his taste. He was looking [ read more ... ]


02, January 2017

Dapper In Paris

Everyone has their favourite time of the year when they like to visit Paris. The romance of February, the spring blossom of April, the sizzle of August, but his was the richness of November. With all the creative projects he was working on, it was hard to find a slot in the busy diary for him to visit the Foundation Louis Vuitton, [ read more ... ]


05, September 2016

Dapper & The Skincare

The sun was generous over the bank holiday weekend. He was out of the city for 5 days and feeling relaxed due to the good weather and good food. His appreciation for the finer things in life – the mechanics of watches, the bespoke suits, the taste of a good cognac is also reflected in his investment into quality skincare [ read more ... ]