Dapper & The Candles For Men

Scent is a very powerful thing. The right smell can evoke strong memories, boost energy, relax the body and mind, help heal the body amoungst many other things. It’s probably one of the reasons that scented candles are so popular.

As a candle lover himself, he found it frustating to find candles which suited his taste. He was looking for something which was masculine for the home yet complimentary for the woman in his life. After many months of research, development, design, blood, sweat and tears, he along with his wife created their own brand to fill the void.

Legna London, luxury scented candles for men is the brand they created. The candles are inspired by male cultures from all around the world which celebrate manhood.

The candles come in three signature scents, each with a unique meaning:
STRENGTH with indulgent and majestically sweet, delicate smokey notes or cedar wood, saffron & vetivert.
UNITY with spicy aromas, enveloped in velvety woody notes of pink pepper, cardamom, cloves & patchouli.
WISDOM with its warm and luxurious fragrance, framed in notes of leather, tobacco & musk.

LEGNA-LONDON-Candles-for-men LEGNA-LONDON-Candles-for-men-wisdom LEGNA-LONDON-Candles-for-men-unity LEGNA-LONDON-Candles-for-men-strength LEGNA-LONDON-Candles-for-men-smoke

Legna London candles for men – www.legnalondon.co.uk








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