Dapper & The Skincare

The sun was generous over the bank holiday weekend. He was out of the city for 5 days and feeling relaxed due to the good weather and good food.

His appreciation for the finer things in life – the mechanics of watches, the bespoke suits, the taste of a good cognac is also reflected in his investment into quality skincare products.

With years of accumulated wisdom, good skincare has always been on his radar and recently, he was introduced to Sisley products, which added a whole new way of looking at his morning regime.

He is not into spa treatments but he loves relaxing and being pampered. This time it was self-pampering but it was good all the same – the soothing cream and the ecological compound helped sooth his skin with an invisible vail of goodness. And, as he got enveloped in the subtle fragrance of the skincare products, he truly embraced this moment.

Sisley Paris Ecological Compound Sisleÿum for men

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