Dapper & The Contrast

If there’s one thing that he’s noticed, is that contrast between the old and new buildings is always present. Cities seem to be in a constant architectural civil war.

He was on the hunt for a new office space and what better way to get a feel, than to go out and walk around the city. Luckily in this part of town, there where no areas where the old was being transformed into the new at the expense of local business or residents. Far too many areas cities have gone through gentrification and lost their very souls.

As he zig zagged through the maze of streets, some of which were barely passable, especially in his dapper suit and shoes, he headed toward the cranes towering over new building sites. The new buildings were indeed spectacular, bold steel and glass structures. But it was the rough concrete walls covered with stories that still made him feel, well, good.

The new buildings, with all the glass and glamour, still reflected the old surroundings. It seems he’s the kind of gentleman who prefers to live in the moment, rather than in a reflection of it.

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