Dapper & The Vinyl Revival

“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you,
without a strong ryhme to step to…”
The famous words of one of his favourite rappers from one of his favourite songs, I Know You Got Soul by Rakim circa 1987.

It indeed was a long time. A long time since vinyl records had passed through his fingers. With all the advancements digitally, you can be forgiven for forgetting the sound of a good album vibrating through the needle on a turntable.

Not only did he recently acquire a new turntable as a birthday gift, but he also heard of a vinyl fair near his home. As he sifted through the selection of records in various boxes from Jazz to Reggae, he was reminded of the dapper clothing styles of the likes of Jackson’s Five.

The recent vinyl revival brought him much pleasure, but the real pleasure started at home, where he spent a few hours playing his finds from the fair.

Panama Hat

Fundudzi By Craig Jacobs t-shirt

Superdry sunglasses

Bagatt shoes

Massimo Dutti socks

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