Dapper & The Grey

It had been 3 weeks since his return from South Africa and the long, cold tail of winter was still swaying throughout the city.

Sunshine was forecasted for the weekend but the bright yellow sunlight was transformed into a silver blanket making everything in its path seem flat. London was indeed a grey city.

Dapperly dressed, he decided that if the colour of spring would not come to him, he would add a splash of colour to his attire. He headed to an art gallery and as he was walking over the bridge, the clouds broke.

The blue sky appeared above his head as though it was painted with a gigantic brush. Finally, signs of spring had arrived.


dapper on the stairsdapper on the streetdapper watchdapper against the walldapper suit close updapper on the bridgedapper lapel pinred balloon in the sky

Marks & Spencer suit and shirt

Gentleman’s Practice tie, pocket square and lapel pin

Peter Werth shoes

Storm London watch


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