Dapper & The Panama Hat

At 11am in Franschhoek, South Africa, the temperature was already 32C degrees. The heat was relentless and the sky was blue without a cloud in sight. He saw the temperature reading on the car dashboard but the cooling breeze of the air conditioning hid the truth of the outside world.

Ever since the flight was booked, Babylonstoren was one of the must-see places on his itinerary. Founded in 1692, Babylonstoren is one of the oldest Dutch farms in the Cape, and houses one of the best kept gardens. The garden is divided in 16 sections and laid out over 8 acres of land. The diversity of South Africa was mirrored in all kinds of fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants and herbs.

As soon as he entered the grounds, he spotted the farm shop, which was a relief – a bottle of water was most welcome. Browsing through the miryad of rooms, he noticed a shelf of hats, Panama hats. He picked one off the shelf to see if it was genuine, he was after all in South Africa and not Equador. Not only was it genuine, to his delight, it was his exact size.

There was no time for deliberation about his dapper discovery, this was the perfect accessory for the day. Hat on head, he was ready to enjoy the horticultural splendor of Babylonstoren.

Panama Hat

Genetic Apparel polo shirt

Superdry sunglasses

Banana Republic trousers

Thomas Pink socks

Louis Vuitton shoes

Babylonstoren, Cape Dutch Farm

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