Dapper & The Winter Wonderland

He woke up that January morning and instantly felt that winter’s days were counted. The world outside the window was beautifully white and the sun was shining – there was no excuse not to go out and enjoy the winter wonderland. Especially that his trip to a much warmer destination was fast approaching.

Snow! Finally the winter provided its masterpiece in the form of a glittering diamond blanket wrapped around the city. The sky was clear and blue, the sun was sharp, the air was crisp. All of it provided an almost unreal urban vista, with the buildings and trees adding to what looked like a surreal film set.

Dressed dapper in layers, he went outside, with a camera in hand, to capture the moment. He knew the purity of the outside scene would not last for long.

Diesel jacket, boots & gloves

Massimo Dutti cardigan

Marks & Spencer shirt and cap

Vintage tie

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