Dapper & New Year’s Eve

It was the last day of an eventful year. The sun was shining but the air was crisp. It was stark contrast to the humid heat of Jamaica, he was after all back in his second city, Warsaw.

On this New Years Eve, he would be DJing at his favourite bar, Weles. The evening was to be themed 1930s Warsaw. After sorting out his playlist for the night, as well as his dapper attire, he needed to get some air.

The city was very calm and quiet. His walk took him through the center of the city, where he took the time to review the year, which had flown by and began to get excited about the oncoming 12 months.

2015 brought good times and it looked like 2016 was going to follow suit.

Marks & Spencer suit, rollneck and gloves

Louis Vuitton shoes

Kabak socks

Calvin Klein Formality Chrono watch

Storm sunglasses

Massimo Dutti pocket square

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