Dapper & Treasure Beach

One of the amazing things about working in the advertising industry is that you sometimes get to shoot a commercial in an exotic location. One of his best friends, who is also a director, called him for assistance on an advertising campaign for one of the largest brands in the Caribbean.

With only a few days notice, he hurriedly packed his suitcase and after a 10 hour flight, landed in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. There’s a reggae song from the 80s called ‘Kingston Hot’ and indeed, hot it was.

The hustle and bustle, the heat, the people, the music – all of that contributed to the capital city’s unique charm. But the intensity of the project called for a rest, at least over the weekend.

It was his friend Simon who suggested an overnight stay in the quiet and secluded area of Jamaica – Treasure Beach. They stayed at the Jake’s Hotel – a Conde Nast Traveller’s recommended small hotel.

Rum, sun, rest and sea were on the menu for the next 36 hours. He soaked in the peaceful and blissful atmosphere, and left inspired.


Photos: Simon Smyth

Banana Republic shirt

Louis Vuitton loafers

Ben Sherman shorts

Storm sunglasses

Hat Hat trilby

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