Dapper & Barcelona

The last time he was in Barcelona, the visit was all too short and filled with endless sightseeing. He didn’t really have a chance to soak up the lifestyle, just plenty of sangria.

The time spent this time however, was in stark contrast to the last. The itinerary for this visit was simple; eat, drink, sleep, stay dapper, repeat. The food and drink would be taken care of by a good friend, Agata Dybowska who runs GustoFood Tours.

The culinary experience she took him through was spellbinding. From the traditional to the experimental, he was taken on a journey through Barcelona on plates and glasses of wine.

One afternoon, Agata suggested a stroll along the beach as a route to one of the restaurants she had selected for him. The warm sea air crept through his body and immediately elevated his state of mind. The stiffness of living in the concrete jungle had all but melted away with the sight of surfers, kites, swimmers, bikers and joggers.

Whether it was the fresh sea air or another promise of indulgence, after 15 minutes soaking in the wonderful atmosphere, he could only think of one thing – food.


GustoFood Tours

Farah blazer

Marks & Spencer shirt and tie

Uniqlo cardigan

Diesel chinos

Happy socks

Peter Werth shoes

Penhaligon’s pocket square

Storm sunglasses

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