Dapper At The Races

With the long summer days gradually coming to an end, so was the horse racing season.

He had planned to spend the day at home, recuperating after a hard week’s work, which extended into his precious weekend. Not that he minded much. When you enjoy what you do, it’s not work.

He received a call from his friends to meet up, and it was they who suggested to meet at the race course. Why not? The weather was simply too nice to stay indoors.

When he arrived, he was happy to see other dapper dressed men and elegant ladies. But it was the other well groomed species he came to see, the horses. They were nothing short of magnificent.

A cheeky £2 bet was placed on a horse which caught his eye. Did he win? Doesn’t the smile on his face say it all?

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Marks and Spencer suit & shirt

Lambert bow tie & pocket square

Thomas Pink socks

Bagatt shoes

Certina DS 8 Chrono Moon Phase watch

Orska lapel pin

Storm sunglasses

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