Dapper & The Train

It was a year ago to the day when he heard about an old abandoned locomotive near the cottage he holidays at. As it wasn’t marked on a map, he couldn’t find it and was resigned to the fact that it was just a rumour.

He was on his way to spend the afternoon at a nearby lake and as he pulled up at the site, he noticed train tracks. He walked a little and, through the clearing in the trees, saw the unmistakable shape of a train carriage and in front of it, the engine.

Now, it’s not that he’s a train enthusiast or even played with toy sets as a child. It’s the nostalgia. He imagined the men of the past, in their dapper attire, travelling from A to B. But here was no information. No story. Nothing. Just a rusting locomotive. Surely, there must have been something significant about it, for it to be at a point of interest?

He took time to take in the details. The spectrum of rusty colours and textures was amazing. Even the smell of oil and coal still lingered in the still, hot summer air…

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Jack & Jones shirt

Ben Sherman shorts

Adidas ZX Flux Decon trainers

Calvin Klein Formality Chrono watch

Dents belt

Storm London sunglasses

Hat Hat trilby

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