Dapper & The Memory Lane

“Come we go to the market and get some scotch bonnet peppers”. The sentence from his grandfather that always brought him joy as a child, it meant a stop at the Jamaican bakery that made his favourite snack – the Jamaican patty.

Situated in South London, Brixton with its postal code of SW9, was one of the main areas of London where immigrants from the Caribbean settled, bringing with them food, music, fashion and all the colourful culture of the islands.

After so much travelling to new places around the world, he felt he needed to appreciate his past. He had recently read an article about the unfortunate ‘gentrification’ of Brixton. He wanted to see for himself how much the area had changed. The house he spent so much of his childhood, the adventure playground where he and his cousins would play until the street lights came on, signalling the time to head home. The street markets, bustling with dapper men and daintily dressed women, haggling over the price of mangoes. The record stores blasting the latest reggae release with the bass beating the chest from across the road.

His visit was bittersweet. The playground now belonged to a private nursery. The size of the market, although still colourful with exotic fruits and vegetables, had dwindled to a handful of stalls. But it was the sound, or rather lack of it, which hit him the most. No music. The record stores had all gone. Only a small second hand store in the arcade had survived.

But, it was the smell of the Jamaican bakery with their freshly cooked patties that made the visible change irrelevant – at least until the last bite.

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”James Baldwin

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