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The Royal Castle in Warsaw has been through destruction and reconstruction since its erection during the 14th century. In the mid 17th century it was regarded as one of Europe’s most prestigious royal residences. So when the request came to DJ in the grounds of the castle for one of the fashion events of the year, HUSH Warsaw, he was most pleased.

Kings and queens, even presidents, all entertained various dapperly dressed guests with pomp and ceremony throughout the castles history. This was his time.

HUSH Warsaw showcases the best of independent Polish fashion brands – from the sartorial mastery of Bielenia, through to the unique jewellery creations of Orska. He arrived a couple of hours prior to his set time, to see what the brands had to offer, and he was not disappointed.

The after party was held in the grand gardens at the bottom of the castle and the weather was glorious. He had all the inspiration he needed, the scene was set for a truly wonderful evening of good music, dapper gentlemen with stylish ladies and summer cocktails provided by Martini.

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Louis Vuitton loafers

Marks & Spencer shirt, tie, waistcoat, tie clip and belt

Reiss trousers

Penguin socks

Photo credit: Style Stalker

HUSH Warsaw

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