Dapper & Everyman

When he read the review of Everyman in the Guardian newspaper, he instantly put a note in his diary as a play he must see.

He is a fan of the leading actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor, since he first saw him perform in the 1997 film, Amistad, directed by Steven Spielberg. The theatre is where it seems most thespians feel at home and thus delve deeper into their emotions to get the most out of a performance. So it was here that he wanted to see one of his favourite actors.

He went to the National Theatre early in the morning, to make sure tickets were still available for the evening performance, and indeed, they were. Seats in the stalls offered just a perfect view of the stage.

With a few hours to spare, he browsed a second hand book stand and bumped into another dapper dressed gentleman. He was a young photographer, they exchanged pleasantries and contact details.

From Everyman to Dapperman. It was the start of a very good day, which concluded with one of the most exciting contemporary reworks of a 15th century classic.


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Everyman, National Theatre

Bespoke blazer

Paul Smith shoes

Jack & Jones shirt

Zara bow tie

Bellfield belt

Uniqlo jeans

Marks & Spencer pocket square

Polaroid sunglasses


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