Dapper & The Hat Hat

After flirting around on Instagram over a couple of months, he thought now the time was right to finally meet the owner of Hat Hat. After all, he needed a new hat for the summer and to compliment his beloved cruiser bike.

The appointment was set, Wednesday afternoon at 14:00. Dapperly dressed as usual, he approached the large, brown door of an apartment building and pressed the buzzer.

Kasia opened the door and with a welcoming smile lead him into her atelier. Hats of all kinds adorned the walls. His eyes gracefully danced around the colours, textures and styles. He was in Hat Hat Heaven.

After an hour of his date with the hats, he picked two. Which ones remains to be seen.

heisdapper3501 heisdapper3502 heisdapper3503 heisdapper3504 heisdapper3505 heisdapper3506 heisdapper3507heisdapper351

heisdapper3508  heisdapper3510 heisdapper3511

 Hat Hat atelier

Zara blazer

Marks & Spencer tie, shirt and waistcoat

Ted Baker jeans

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