Dapper’s Library Of Textures

Sometimes the best creative briefs come just at the right time and this was it.

As he read the brief, the words ‘texture’ and ‘time’ jumped out of the screen. He immediately knew where to source the images for his inspiration mood board.

On a recent morning run, which takes him through a local park, he took an alternative route. A haven of weathered surfaces, it was a perfect location for his image library. He remembered he had a vintage camera at home, and he took it with him, excited at the prospects of shooting something on film.

Sometimes, the best creative briefs just come at the right time.

he_is_dapper_3301 he_is_dapper_3302 he_is_dapper_3303 he_is_dapper_3304 he_is_dapper_3305 he_is_dapper_3306 he_is_dapper_3307 he_is_dapper_3308 he_is_dapper_3309 he_is_dapper_3310 he_is_dapper_3311 he_is_dapper_3312he_is_dapper_3317 he_is_dapper_3313he_is_dapper_3314 he_is_dapper_3315 he_is_dapper_3316 he_is_dapper_3319


Lambert shirt

Poszetka bow tie

Wolsey braces

Ted Baker jeans

Happy Socks

Paul Smith shoes

FED 4 camera

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