Dapper & Easter Morning

He woke up early last Sunday. A slither of sunlight caressed his face through the window of the hotel room.

As the linen curtains refracted the light, the walls of the room looked like ripples of water.
This, he thought, was it. Spring. After all, it was Easter Sunday.

The temperature was still 6 degrees centigrade but it was the lure of the sunlight spreading through the town which inspired him to grab his coat and hat, and go for a wander. Perfect for a dapper stroll in the sun.

No sooner as his right foot touched the old cobbled stones in front of the hotel, the beautiful sunlight was hidden by thick, heavy grey clouds. Typical.
There was no wind to clear the darkened skies. His first immediate thought was to turn around and enjoy the comfort of the warm, inviting hotel room. But he decided to persevere.

He surmised that most people were at home or in church as the streets and old lanes were quiet. Because of this, he noticed the wonderful stone and wood carvings on the surrounding architecture, which would normally be obscured by people. It gradually became eerie, he had walked for nearly an hour and saw not one soul, then a black cat sauntered across his path.

The strangest Easter Sunday in a long time.

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Uniqlo mac

Reiss trousers

Marks & Spencer boots

Zara shirt

Vintage tie & hat

Marks & Spencer gloves

Someone’s cat, black

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