Dapper & The Onset Of Spring

He’d spent most of the weekend, relaxing in the warmth of a thick blanket, bottles of red wine and a good book.

He was just about to leave the treehouse cabin, when out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a red squirrel, scampering up a tree.

To most, it would be nothing, but to him, it was a welcoming disturbance. You see, it was a sign. A sign that it was not as cold as he thought it was. It was a sign of life, the onset of spring.

He grabbed his binoculars and ran up the stairs onto the roof with all the excitement of a child. Alas, his excitement soon translated into disappointment, he was too slow.

Still, take heart, spring is coming.

he_is_dapper_2801 he_is_dapper_2802 he_is_dapper_2803 he_is_dapper_2804 he_is_dapper_2805he_is_dapper_28061he_is_dapper_2807 he_is_dapper_2808

Uniqlo shirt

Uniqlo jumper

Marks & Spencer cardigan

Ted Baker jeans

Diesel boots

Happy Socks

Wolsey cap

Tissot T Touch watch 

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