Dapper Kind Of Blue

February is his most unwelcome of all months. It is in this month above all other that he finds himself in the comfort and warmth of his abode.

The air hangs, stiff and cold, like an invisible frozen blanket. As much as he wants to enjoy all that a city has to offer, the restaurants, the boutique clothes shops, the independent bookstores, the galleries, enticing him to go outside is indeed an arduous task.

But, on this particular Saturday afternoon, whilst reading the weekend newspaper and its many supplements, he had what is probably his favourite jazz album playing in the background. Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue.

5 songs and 45 minutes of sheer jazz bliss. He was compelled to dapper up and walk the streets, absorbing the sights, sounds and whatever smells that were strong enough to travel through the cold winter air. The song ‘All Blues’ in particular resonated with him as he strolled briskly through the streets.

It was then he realised that kind of blue is his much more preferred choice than kind of grey.

heisdapper2701 heisdapper2702 heisdapper2703 heisdapper2704 heisdapper2705 heisdapper2706 heisdapper2707 heisdapper2708 heisdapper2709 heisdapper2710 heisdapper2711 heisdapper2712

Noose & Monkey coat

Ted Baker tie

Ted Baker trousers

Ted Baker socks

Zara shirt

Reiss belt

Marks & Spencer waistcoat

Gino Rossi shoes

Wolsey gloves

Cole Haan sunglasses

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