Dapper & The Manifesto

With so much advice and guidance available online, you can easily be spoiled and, indeed swayed, with your style. What’s ‘in’ today is normally ‘out’ in the blink of an eye.

When he was in New York a few years ago, he stumbled across an amazing bookstore on the corner of Broadway and 12th Street. It was called Strand Bookstore and boasted to have the largest collection of art books in the world, with 18, yes, 18 miles of books. New, used and rare editions lined up in rows and columns.

Not knowing where to start browsing, or what specific subject he should explore, he was drawn to a dark corner, where a pile of tatty books were selling for 1 dollar.

It must have been fate. The first book he picked up was a gem. A book called Manifest X.O – Style Fundamentals for the Good Life. Covering style, sex, gentlemanly etiquette, wine, even table settings, it shows that dressing well is only a part of what it means to be truly dapper.

What was a secondhand book costing 1 dollar, has now become a priceless part of his dapper book collection.



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