Dapper & The Sunset

Meeting interesting people with stories to tell is always a pleasure for him. After spending a relaxing day at the peaceful abode, he was introduced to the owner and his father.

A pot of tea later, he was invited to the family boathouse, where he would meet the rest of the family and experience what was billed as a glorious sunset.

Still in his dapper attire, he eagerly finished his tea and headed toward the awaiting vintage black Morris Minor convertible.

The drive from the Nisala Arana boutique hotel to the boathouse could not have been more pleasant. The golden light from the late afternoon sun, illuminated the roads surrounded by giant green palm trees and the cooler, yet still warm breeze was most welcoming.

Upon arrival, he was greeted by the lady of the house who welcomed him into, or rather onto, their house. Recently refurbished, the boathouse was perfectly situated to enjoy sunlight all hours of the day.

In such beautiful environment, it was easy for enlightened and insightful conversation to flow.

It felt like long lost friends who haven’t met in years, were catching up.

Without a warning, the light went from buttercup yellow to a deep blood orange, as the sun set over the trees. It was indeed, a glorious sunset.

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Bellfield shirt

Banana Republic trousers

Storm sunglasses

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