Dapper & The Peaceful Abode

He had experienced so much in such little time in Sri Lanka.

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore of Tangalle, morphed into the almost melodic sound of the birds in the Kandy jungle.

The flavour of the various curries still danced over his taste buds. The colours of the jungle with all its biodiversity was the visual therapy he welcomed. However, as much as it fed his appetite for exploration, right now he was in need of some serenity.

Whenever he travels, he always takes a book to read. He always fails in his mission to complete one whilst on holiday. This time, he was determined to read this book cover to cover. Maybe here, in these peaceful surroundings of Nisala Arana in Bentota, he would find no distractions from the spy thriller he had in his hands.

Did he manage to finish the book? He didn’t. But he had no regrets. Here he found the peace and relaxation he was seeking so much. For now, the thrilling stories have to wait.  Tea was about to be served.


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 Nisala Arana boutique hotel

Bellfield shirt

Banana Republic trousers

Muji flip flops

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