Dapper Returns

Sometimes you need a reason to go for a walk, especially when the air is a bit nippy. On this particular Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and beckoning him to come out and play.

He had a good reason too. He recently took some time off to have his 4 wisdom teeth extracted… Yes, ouch.

After 10 days, staying indoors, sipping soup and little jars of baby food desserts, he was on the hunt to eat. He wasn’t ready for anything too heavy. Some, having been deprived of proper food for a while, might opt for a juicy steak or look forward to ravishing a whole chicken. But all he wanted was a bowl of comforting food. A Japanese ramen soup would be perfect.

As soon as he stepped outside, rays of sunlight bathed him. They penetrated through his body to the bones. He felt like a wilted flower being brought back to life. He walked and stopped, walked and stopped. He would stop to notice little things. Fallen leaves, graffiti, clouds, birds in formations – flying south for the winter.

2 hours had past and hunger was starting to catch up with him – it was ramen time.

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 Banana Republic jumper

Ted Baker tie

Uniqlo shirt

Uniqlo jeans

Kurt Geiger shoes

Mandarina Duck bag

Cole Hann sunglasses


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