Dapper In The Woods

He gently pulled the car over into the lay-by. He switched off the engine and stepped out, the autumn sun bathed his skin. After a 2-hour briefing session with a client, his mind needed some clarity.

He spotted a path cutting through the trees of the woods. ‘Why not’? – he thought.
A little walk would do him good, it would be another 2-hour drive to back to the city. He’d have to start on the project as soon as he got back in the office.

It was so peaceful. Not just ‘no cars’ peaceful. It was really peaceful. It was so quiet, he could hear the leaves falling on the ground. There was no wind. Most of the birds had migrated, just the odd knocks of woodpeckers drumming on the trees.

Dapper pulled his Moleskin out of his pocket and started jotting down ideas. Every step he took deeper into the woods, he welcomed with more clarity of thought.

Done. Like the path that lay ahead of him, so were his ideas for the project. ‘No need to turn back now’ – he thought. He decided to walk on and enjoy the serenity of the nature that surrounded him. Whereas before every step presented him with an idea, now every step presented him with a new scene. Pure bliss. If he were a camping man, this would be the perfect place to do so.

On the way back to the car, he couldn’t help but think:
‘How much wood would a woodpecker peck
If a woodpecker would peck wood?…’

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