Dapper & Off The Rails – Day 2

After the opening night of Off The Rail London, he couldn’t wait to attend the second day.

He had already set his sights on some sartorial items to buy, but today, he was due to DJ.

His musical taste is very eclectic, much like the fashion available at the event. The unusual warm October weather enticed people to pop out for a pint at the local pub before coming to browse. In fact, this suited him fine, as his set started at precisely at 6:30pm.

The brief from Charlie, the organiser, was ‘make it lively’. And make it lively he did.

He started off with sexy deep house with warm basslines which, along with the soft melodies of artists like Sade, made people sway left and right.
From the deep house, he moved into disco remixes, then funk, then ska, then reggae, then up into northern soul.

The compliments were made by the smiles of the brand exhibitors, as well as the discerning public.

He had previously written an article for OTR about fashion and music. His knowledge of both blended as smoothly as his mixes.

The evening was pleasantly rounded off in an Indian curry house with Ryan and Dave from The London Sock Company until the early hours. And yes, he managed to make some purchases, but we’ll save those for the next episode.

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Brands featured:

Off The Rails London

Evoni Design

Noose & Monkey

London Sock Company

Julius Errol Flynn

Mr Hyde



House Of Nines London

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