Dapper & Off The Rails – Day 1

He was looking forward to attending the inaugural Off The Rails London event. It was billed as ‘the definitive menswear retail destination’. It has not disappointed him.

The 4 day event, open to everyone, is located in the iconic Old Truman Brewery in London, over 70 classic and contemporary menswear brands set up shop with everything from hats through socks to bespoke tailored suits.

The energy on the opening night was electric. A bar offering classic whisky, bourbon and gin cocktails by Mr Hyde, eased any  nerves from the exhibitors. It had all the feel of a good night out after work.

He was in his element. Surrounded by stylish men. Ties. Shoes. Suits. Shirts. Bowler hats. Trilby hats. And socks of all colours and shades.

He will be providing an eclectic DJ set tonight from 6pm till 8:30pm (Friday 31st October 2014).

He is looking forward to seeing you there.

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Brands featured:

Off The Rails London

Barker England

By Sju

Murdock London

Noose & Monkey

London Sock Company

Julius Errol Flynn

Mr Hyde

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