Dapper & Monitor Magazine

The view was amazing. There’s always something amazing about looking at the world from above. It’s the pinnacle of voyeurism.

‘So, what’s your story?’ Asked Sebastian.

“Where shall I start?’ He replied.

‘Well, every story has a beginning, so why not start there?’ Sebastian said.

‘I grew up in South London…’ He started.

He was being interviewed by Monitor Magazine at the Intercontinental Hotel in Warsaw.
The editor was keen to get to know the man behind the dapper style. Not just the clothes. The passion for sartorial items. The shirts, ties and shoes. Sebastian wanted to know about the man.

As they were conversing, the photographer began shooting. The sound of the shutter danced around the suite, complimenting the relaxed and – at points hilarious – vibe.

This was his opportunity to talk about the creative agency he runs. The international brands he works with. His passion for music. The books he is into. The fashion brands he supports. And also, his grandfather, who he credits with giving him a couple of important lessons about life. And style.

Every dapper story has an intriguing beginning.

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Monitor Magazine

Zara shirt

Reiss trousers

Massimo Dutti socks

Gieves & Hawkes tie

Intimissimi vest

Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton belt

Special thanks to Intercontinental Warsaw

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