Dapper & The Long Walk

He missed the bus. It wasn’t his fault. The train was delayed, so he missed the bus.

He was looking forward to spending some downtime at the cottage out of the city, which he frequents. It was one of those hectic weeks when he was on autopilot. He does love the city – the noise, the concrete, the millions of people swarming like bees, going from A to B. But the countryside always offers a blessing of tranquility and peace.

He missed the bus. He thought for a while, like we all do in these situations, weighing up the pros and cons of waiting for another bus. The weather was kind. The light was beautiful and bathing the fallen leaves with its golden rays.

Walk. Why not? It was only 2 hours and the shoes had rubber soles.

To him, it made sense to walk the straightest line possible. This, however, meant minor trespassing. It was a decision taken with merit. The scenery he encountered was picturesque. Unfortunately for him, you can’t cross a lake in a straight line without a boat. He found a boat, of sorts. He was pretty sure it was worthy of the water, but on this day, for the sake of preserving the immaculate state of his being, he decided to take the long way round.

Maybe next time, he will miss the bus on purpose.

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Farah Vintage blazer

Ted Baker jeans

Peter Werth shirt

COS tie

Paul Smith shoes

Marks & Spencer socks

Marks & Spencer tie pin & pocket square

Marks & Spencer weekend bag

Gant sunglasses

Bellfield belt


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