Dapper & The Art Cars

Do you remember, when you first heard what would later become your favourite song?
Or the first time you tasted what would become your favourite dish?

He always remembers, when his eyes first roamed around the canvas of Roy Lichtenstein’s, Whaam!

So when the opportunity to see another piece by that particular artist came up, and in this case on 4 wheels, he could hardly contain his joy.

Since 1975, 17 BMW cars have been painted by some of his favourite artists. Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and David Hockney have graced various cars, with the bristles of their masterful brushes. But in his mind, nothing could compete with Lichtenstein’s Art Car –  BMW, 320i.

You see, he loves the movement and the dynamism of Lichtenstein’s paintings. The emotion he captures. He sat for hours in Tate Modern, at a retrospective, in sheer wonder, his heart pounding. This is why he loves art so. To see the car, knowing that this actual car, as an art piece, also raced Le Mans, 1977, well for him, that was just emotional.

Now, do you remember, when you first heard what would become your favourite song?

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BMW Art Cars

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