Dapper On The Roof

It is always nice to find an oasis in the concrete jungle and on this occasion he found a gem.
He was told of a roof garden on top of a science museum by a friend and decided he’d better visit before the warm Indian summer that September presents turns abruptly into the more cooler and gloomier autumn.

Not a fan of linen, as you might have already heard, he opted for a simple white t-shirt, trousers and a blazer. The beautiful sunshine had given him the perfect opportunity to sport his favourite trilby – one of those rare  finds he wished he purchased two, as the wear and tear of previous summers had started to take their toll.

The garden with its soft delicate flowers, plants and herbs are integrated into the rigid structure of a building no more than 3 years old. A perfect place to retreat and if nothing else, bask in the afternoon sun and enjoy the view.

One of the most appealing things to him was the harmony of colours and textures. The natural hues of browns, reds, and greens of organic life balanced well with the solid steel beams and clean cut concrete staircases. All in all, an afternoon well spent, with the comfort of being well dressed in a well balanced habitat.

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Marc Jacobs trilby

Zara blazer

Banana Republic trousers

Uniqlo t-shirt

Happy Socks socks

Bagatt shoes

Bellfield belt

Cole Haan sunglasses

Marks & Spencer pocket square

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