Dapper & His Inner Child

Being a creative director is a challenging role. Since the age of 14 he always wanted to work with cool brands and create campaigns for them. Now in his late 30’s, he has worked with more brands than he can remember but his love and passion for creating and developing ideas has not yet waned.

That being said, recently he had a tough meeting trying to convince a client not to reinvent the wheel and on his return to the studio, he spotted an old derelict railway station where he stopped and decided to clear his head.

He remembered the old disused warehouses he and his cousins would play all day until dusk, the days when you saw the street lights on, it meant it was time to go home. He couldn’t help but ignore the ‘no entry’ sign and wonder around, leaping over the tracks with measured care about his attire.

The contrast of the BMW against the harsh concrete environment only enhanced the beauty of a wonderful machine, like the locomotives which once rolled up and down the tracks.

After a while, he glanced at his watch and decided it was time to stop looking into the past and move forward.

After all, time is the master and the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé

Omega Seamaster watch

Zara blazer

Ted Baker trousers

Paul Smith cufflinks

Marks & Spencer shirt

Dune London shoes

Marks & Spencer socks

Reiss belt

Vistula pocket square

Vistula sunglasses

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