Dapper & The Rudeboys

I caught him outside the Tate Modern. I think he just left the Matisse Cut-Out exhibition. It’s early afternoon and the Southbank is basking in sunshine, as is he.

I didn’t think yellow was a colour he would pull off in the city, especially chinos yet it works well with the plaid blue shirt and spotted pocket square. The Mandarina Duck messenger bag is a nice size, large enough for his iPad and a few bits and bobs.

He’s on the way to another exhibition, Return Of The Rudeboy at Somerset House.

The exhibition itself is amazing. It was put together by photographer Dean Chalkley and creative director Harris Elliott. It features great portraits of Rudeboys from an early Bob Marley, in a suit to modern day cultural influencers from all backgrounds.

I can see how his background has influenced his style of wear. The music and the culture both blend seamlessly.

It seems the Rudeboys were, and still are, just as dapper.

he-is-dapper0601 he-is-dapper0602 he-is-dapper0603  he-is-dapper0605 he-is-dapper0606 he-is-dapper0607 he-is-dapper0608 he-is-dapper0609 he-is-dapper0610 he-is-dapper0611 he-is-dapper0612 he-is-dapper0613 he-is-dapper0614 he-is-dapper0615he-is-dapper0604he-is-dapper0616 he-is-dapper0617

Banana Republic shirt

Banana Republic trousers

Louis Vuitton loafers

Mandarina Duck messenger bag

Massimo Dutti socks

Duchamp pocket square

Cole Haan sunglasses

Return Of The Rudeboy exhibition


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