A day of knights

He has a natural fondness for history, as I recently found out.

I saw him on a private tour around the world’s largest brick castle. His slim figure, moving along the impressive Teutonic walls, embodied the contrast of the past and the present. Walking around the premises, he might have visualized the life at the castle back in the day, bustling with functions, gatherings and ceremonies of all sorts. Maybe thinking about the vows of the knights of old. Or, maybe his mind was busy with other thoughts? I won’t know.

As it was a Sunday, he decided to opt for a classic casual look of white shirt and blue jeans, splashed with red braces. The trainers were a smart idea, given the vast area to explore and wobbly stone surfaces dating back to the 14th century.

The weather was perfect, as was the tour… I wonder if the knights of the castle were as dapper.

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NaraCamicie shirt

M&S braces

H&M sunglasses

Calvin Klein watch

Uniqlo jeans

Paul Smith trainers

Thank you to the Malbork Welcome Center team


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