Looking for something

Cities are always full of contrasts. One minute you can be standing outside the most elegant building, then turn the corner and see vibrant street art. You can also turn a corner and, like me, find him.

He’s always looking. Up, down, left and right. Everything seems to intrigue him. What intrigues me is his hat. It looks like he spent time choosing it, it fits well.

I see he picked a watch from the event I saw him at last time, it works well with the shirt. The blue of the face shimmers in the sunlight like peacocks feathers.

Is he lost? Maybe I should ask… Maybe not. I like the distance, following his sartorial style is fun.

he is dapper_0120he is dapper_0182he is dapper_0190he is dapper_0185he is dapper_0207he is dapper_0233he is dapper_0289he is dapper_0305he is dapper_0330he is dapper_0393he is dapper_0398he is dapper_0107he is dapper_0108he is dapper_0129

Bespoke Rudolf & Co. suit

Jack & Jones shirt

COS tie

Cole Haan sunglasses

Calvin Klein watch

J.J. Hat Center fedora

Dune London shoes

Wolsey iPad case

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  1. 28 Luchi says:

    I’m looking for something… where to buy that amazing hat

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Looking for something