Time for Klein

I noticed his name on the guest list, as he entered the presentation for the new Calvin Klein watch collection. The setting is perfect, a clean warehouse style interior on the top floor of a boutique department store.

He’s gone for jeans and trainers to urbanise his look. The polka dot purple tie is complimented by a crisp white shirt and brown jacket. But wait, he’s also sporting a boutonniere. Not only stylish but proven to be a great conversation starter.

The collection of watches itself is splendid, stretching from sporty to formal. Calvin Klein have also developed a new pattern to be used on their jewellery.

I look forward to seeing what he chooses.

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Adidas SLVR trainers

Bespoke Rudolf & Co. jacket

H&M shirt

Uniqlo jeans

Banana Republic tie

Penguin socks

H&M sunglasses

Storm watch

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