Going somewhere?

There he is, going somewhere, doing something, seeing someone. It’s hot, it’s 27º and it’s 6pm. The early evening sunlight is just glorious. There’s a gentle ocean breeze which helps. I wonder if he can see me?

It makes sense, wearing a cotton shirt to go with he suit. Linen would be good, but I guess for the sake of style, cotton is definitely good enough.

Ah, the gallery, the man likes art. I’ll keep watching him to see what kind.

He’s also wearing Louis Vuitton loafers.

The suit looks bespoke, it’s well fitted, nice cut.

He seems to like a beat or 2. Always checking time. Always a groove in his step. Rumour has it he’s also a DJ. We’ll see if it turns out to be true.


Louis Vuitton loafers

Bespoke Rudolf & Co. suit

Uniqlo shirt

Reiss belt

H&M sunglasses

Storm watch

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